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Welcome to Video Game Retrograde. A site dedicated to retro video games.

There are many sites dedicated to Video Games, but VGR strives to be different. How so? Well here’s a little about us.

First we plan to look back on the classic gems from video game history. We won’t ever review a new game coming out on a current console (or the most recent generation for that matter). Actually we don’t really plan to review old games as well. So what does that leave us to achieve with our little site here?

We hope to harbor a safe community for all who enjoy video games.

We want to share our love for video games.

We also broadly define video games (they aren’t just beholden to consoles).

We believe video games are for everyone.

We hope that our posts get you thinking, talking, or laughing.

It should be noted that any posts done by a video game character is done so as parody. They do not represent the views of the parent company that owns those characters.

So please, stay a while, use the coasters, and keep your feet of the couch, we just bought it and want to keep it in good condition.

Now just fire up your favorite console and oh yeah…

Don’t forget to press start,

Player One – Editor, Primary Contributor

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