Drink and Video Game Pairings – Battletoads

Battletoads – Aged 20+ Years Battletoads is a classic side scrolling beat-em-up that came out for multiple systems. It would later receive multiple sequels, one of which they even have a crossover with the Double Dragon franchise. For the purpose of this pairing, we suggest the NES version. Alternatively you could substitute this choice with... Read more

The Couch Wasn’t Always This Lonely

A good friend and colleague once said that social video games were a misnomer. That games had always been social, you would go home and play games, come back to school or work to talk about them. You would sit on the same couch to play them together. That social gaming was just video games... Read more

Guile’s Favorite Camo Patterns

Guile feels under appreciated for his sense of style and is here to share Guile’s love of fashion! Thankfully Guile now has an outlet to share Guile’s sense of high fashion with the world! So today Guile shares some of Guile’s favorite camo patterns! Pink Camo Guile reserves his pink camo pants and tank top... Read more