Retrofitting Games: – Batman: Arkham Knight

Today I ponder what could have been. What if one of our favorite new video games came out in a period long ago? Batman: Arkham Knight is the latest in the series of recent Batman games from Rocksteady and Warner Bros. Out for all of the latest consoles… but what if… what if it actually... Read more

Drink and Video Game Pairings – Battletoads

Battletoads – Aged 20+ Years Battletoads is a classic side scrolling beat-em-up that came out for multiple systems. It would later receive multiple sequels, one of which they even have a crossover with the Double Dragon franchise. For the purpose of this pairing, we suggest the NES version. Alternatively you could substitute this choice with... Read more

A Race Car Track Changed Everything

I’ve loved video games almost my entire life. Someone asked me how young I was when I started and were surprised to hear getting an NES is one of my earliest memories. It was Christmas and I vaguely remember my sibling and I asking for one (mostly it was them because I was too young... Read more