Guile’s Favorite Camo Patterns

Guile feels under appreciated for his sense of style and is here to share Guile’s love of fashion! Thankfully Guile now has an outlet to share Guile’s sense of high fashion with the world! So today Guile shares some of Guile’s favorite camo patterns!

Pink Camo
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Guile reserves his pink camo pants and tank top for Guile’s time at Burning Man! People sometimes don’t think Guile is into something like Burning Man, but Guile likes to expand his mind sometimes! Guile doesn’t like it when people only see Guile as a meathead! Guile has feelings like everyone else you know! Pink Camo is perfect for the weirdness of Burning Man and doesn’t make Guile feel like he sticks out there like some of his regular patterns!

Bonus: The lighter colors keep Guile from dying of heat exhaustion!

City Camo
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Guile uses city camo with Guile’s black tank top and bow tie for formal occasions! Guile has been informed Guile looks rather “dapper” when dressed up in this outfit! Guile hopes to wear it to Ken and Ryu’s upcoming wedding! Guile is very happy for them and Guile thinks they make a very lovely couple! All the best to Ken and Ryu from Guile!

Red Camo
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Guile finds that when Guile is Street Fighting that Guile needs to stick to red camo! This helps reduce the amount of visible blood splatter Guile sees when flash kicking Bison’s face! Has Guile mentioned how much Guile dislikes Bison’s face?! Guile dislike’s it very much!

Standard Camo
Screen Shot 2015-05-16 at 2.11.00 PM

Standard Camo is Guile’s goto camo pattern for all occasions. It makes Guile feel right at place on the golf course or fighting in the streets. What you don’t think Guile Golfs?! Guile loves golfing! It helps calm Guile after a long day of beating on Bison and his Face! Guile finds that standard camo goes great with most of his tank tops as well!

Guile hopes you enjoyed Guile’s thoughts on fashion! If anyone wants to look as stylish as Guile, they can find most of these patterns here or here!

Photo Source: Street Fighter The Movie 1994

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